Saturday, February 11, 2012

Trying to get published

For six years, I wrote a political blog that had a large following. Tiring of the endless insanity on both sides of the isle, I turned my talents towards fiction. I have seven books planned for this series, 5 in the main story arc, and two collections of short stories.

Blood of the Righteous covers several genres: Traditional old school Fantasy, and Alternate History. The series offers a consistent world that incorporates magic and religious elements, both scriptural and apocryphal. It can be used across many genres, and I have ideas for series that take place in both the old west and modern urban fantasy.

I have already received a request for manuscript from a small independent publisher. While that route is acceptable, I would really like to get in front of larger publishers. I am looking for representation so I don't get taken to the proverbial cleaners.

If need be, I will go the self publishing route. I have hired a professional artist to do my cover design. You can visit his website at . Also read about his own upcoming zombie apocalypse book: Shuffle.

The publishing world is a numbers game. Try go get in front of an agent / publisher, along with the other 200 people they will be glancing over that day. Naturally having that many people vying for your attention will create some very big egos out there, so prepare yourself for a lot of rejection, and some of it will be uncalled for and nasty.

I'm going to keep perusing the traditional route, but thanks to companies like Amazon and CreateSpace, the traditional route isn't the only way to go.

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