Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two short stories

So I took a break from writing Fall Of The Righteous to write two short stories.

The first, Pirates of the Decian Sea, takes place during David's third year aboard the Waverunner. David arranges for the crew to transport money for the royal bank, the failure of which to deliver will land the crew in indentured servitude. However, the notorious pirate, Black Jack Mulligan, has caught word of the half million in gold that the Waverunner is carrying. Can David and the Waverunner's crew defeat Mulligan when outnumbered almost four to one?

Speaking of being outnumbered, that brings me to the second short story, Trouble at the Scholar's Inn. Janelle Argos and Holle MacLeod stop by the Scholar's Inn after a hard days work. After hearing a scuffle outside, the inn is taken by ten criminals, fresh off of a botched heist. They take the girls and the Inn's owners, Kat and Will Brewer, hostage. In addition, there was an older man, who the criminals kill to show the town watch they mean business. Janelle and Holle must use their wits, their charms, and their weapons to survive the night. Women: Underestimate them at your own peril!

I will be making both available for free on Smashwords, which Amazon will eventually match. Just waiting anxiously for my cover artist to finish for Pirates. Trouble at the Scholar's Inn is with my Grammar Hammer, and will be released shortly thereafter.